Polskie Towarzystwo Badania Bólu

Polish Association for the Study of Pain

Polskie Towarzystwo Badania Bólu

Polish Association for the Study of Pain


Pain Management, Neuromodulation and Ultrasound Meetings with Support from Wazir Medical Events London Ltd.

For information about upcoming meetings in London and further afield, don't hesitate to see below:

Sekretarz Polskiego Towarzystwa Badania Bólu

Członek Executive Board, European Pain Federation EFIC

Zakład Badania i Leczenia Bólu UJ CM

Kraków, 25 lipca 2018 


5th SUA Ultrasound Guided Chronic Pain Interventions Workshop
(One Day Live Model Scanning Workshop)
4 September 2018
Royal College of Physicians, London, UK

5th LSORA Ultrasound in Pain Medicine Workshop
Two Day Comprehensive Course
12-13 October 2018
UCH Education Centre, University College London Hospitals, London, UK

EFIC Winter Cancer Pain School
16-19 October 2018
Radisson Blu, Liverpool Hotel, Liverpool, UK

14th Birmingham Interventional Pain Cadaver Workshop
24-26 October 2018
City Hospital, Nottingham, UK

6th Hands-on Peripheral Neuromodulation Masterclass
Plus Advances in Spinal Cord Stimulation
9-10 November 2018
Dept of Anatomy, St George's Hospital, University of London, UK

20th Black-tie Meeting of the London Pain Forum
With Baroness Caroline Cox at the House of Lords
16 November 2018
The House of Lords, London, UK

WAPMU UK 2nd Ultrasound Interventional Pain Conference
Interactive Lectures, Live Scanning & Cadaveric Workshop
8-9 December 2018
Dept of Anatomy, King's College London, Guy's Hospital Campus, London, UK

7th London Pain Forum "Advances in Pain Medicine"
International Winter Symposium
20-25 January 2019
Hotel Village Montana, Tignes Le Lac, France

12th RA-UK/ESRA Ultrasound in Pain Medicine Course
22-23 March 2019
Dept. of Anaesthesia, St George's, University of London, UK